Event Details

Speaker 1



A body has been found and you’re the first person in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) team on the scene! Demonstrate your detective’s intuition and prove yourself a CID. Enjoy wearing the hat of SHERLOCK HOLMES or GIL GRISSOM and dig deeper into your grey matter unveiling the mystery associated with the crime, while we bring you a well knotted murder scene here at VISTAS. Come, explore and exercise your deduction skills. Sherlock Holmes team is waiting!!!


• There will be an initial elimination round (pen and paper) before the actual crime scene investigation.
• The teams would be briefed about the event and time would be provided to investigate the crime scene and the suspects.
• The deduction should be explained with details and supported by evidence.
• The teams are responsible not to contaminate the crime scene. Any destruction of evidence will be considered as a criterion for elimination.
• In all matters of the contest, the decisions taken by the organizing team would be regarded final.

Rules and Regulations

• All teams must have 2 members and not more than 2 members.
• Teams must stay together during the event and are encouraged to work together to solve the clues.
• Disqualification will result from any of the following
      Damaging any property
      Interfering with other teams or their members in any way
      Copying from other teams.
     If the following rules have not been followed then you will be disqualified immediately