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This is the event of Testing your TECHNICAL Memory capacity.

About the event: This event is all about your knowledge on number of Electrical and electronics based things Used. Totally four rounds will be played in this event, first round will be "word cache" second round will be "picture cache" and the third round will be "Tech choose" and the final round will be "Tech pictionary conmections". The participant who comes up with the highest number of observation will be the pro of the event.

Round 1

In Round 1 will be "Word cache" the electrical Components, Core words and instrument Names will be projected on the screen for a 90seconds of time. you have to memorise the words and write them.


In Round 2 will be "Picture cache" electrical components and instruments Images will be projected on the screen.You have to identify the Name of the components and instruments and you have to write the respective names.


In Round 3 will be "Tech choose", each team will be given a question paper containing 20questions, and the time given is 15mins. All the 6 teams will play the fourth round also.


In Round 4 will be "Tech pictionary" connection (i.e) for each team some images will be projected on the screen and there will be hidden words in those pictures, and each team will be given 1 minute to find one answer and each team will have four questions.

1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place will be selected based on the marks and points obtained in the 3rd and 4th rounds respectively.

Rules and Regulations to be followed during the event :

• Each team may contain 2 to 3 members
• Any sort of usage of mobile phones will be strictly restricted
• Discipline should be maintained.
• Be punctual to the time alloted.
• If any indisciplinary act during the event,coordinators have the rights to disqualify the team