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Our treasure hunts are information-based scavenger hunts, or puzzle hunts, in which teams use their collective brainpower to solve clues. Each clue leads to a location within walking distance, where players must find and use a vital piece of information to answer a question. Teams travel through the streets of the playing area racing to see who will be first to find all of the information. After solving all the clues teams will return their answer sheets to the designated endpoint. The earliest entry with the most correct answers wins.


Round One: Pictorial Quiz

A pictorial quiz related to start-ups would be conducted which has to be completed within a stipulated time. This will be a selection round for the next round.

Round Two: Beg Borrow Selfie

There are bucket loads of fun with students running around begging and borrowing. Participants will be given a list of things and they have to fetch them as fast as they can. Only five teams are selected to next round on basis of points gained in this round.

Round Three: Treasure Hunt

Each team will be given clues, using those clues they have to move further in the Hunt by searching for more clues using the previous ones. Winner will be the team which would be able to collect all the clues and reach their final destination.

Rules and Regulations

• All teams must have 3 members and not more than 3 members.
• Teams must stay together during the Treasure Hunt and are encouraged to work together to solve the clues.
• Each team in the hunt is assigned a number. A paper with this number on it is provided to you at sign in on the day of the hunt. Disqualification will result from any of the following
     Damaging any property
      Interfering with other teams or their members in any way
      Copying from other teams.
      If the following rules have not been followed then you will be disqualified immediately